Match Report: Saturday 26th August, 2017

A small sample of the playing talent. L>R: F. Godfrey-Faucett, E. Compton, D. Milne, T. Brown, S. Hosny, J. Loftus, W. Owen, D. King, R. Williams, C. Wilson, K. Paisley

Melrose C.C. entered the final game of the season already crowned Champions but still looking to finish the season off in style.

Our captain lost the toss and Melrose were put into bat. Fergus Godfrey-Faussett, who had too many flutes of champagne the night before, looked dismayed as Loftus told him he was opening with Will Owen. Owen was the first victim of a wicket which had variable bounce. This brought Hosny to the crease with the match only 5 balls old. He and Godfrey-Faussett saw off the opening bowlers without any further problems. Scoring was difficult with the Carlton bowlers bowling a good line and length and with an outfield that resembled golf course rough than a cricket outfield. Nonetheless, Hosny and Godfrey-Faussett began grinding down the bowlers and punishing any loose deliveries. The champagne and only 2 hours sleep clearly got to Godfrey-Faussett as he was caught at point playing a loose shot. This brought in Williams, who also struggled with the pitch but soon found his rhythm. He and Hosny calmly guided Melrose to drinks with the score at 50-2. Williams soon perished to a ball that just clipped the top of his off stump. MIlne came to the middle with the intention of hitting boundaries but even with a few meaty blows, boundaries were a rarity. Milne fell on his sword by playing a shot too many. Loftus sauntered into the middle looking to make the most of the final 10 overs. Which he manged to do with some glorious shots into the off side. He fell with 5 overs overs to go, sacrificing his wicket for the good of the team like a true captain. Next in was Brown, who played some wonderful straight shots, brought Melrose’s total to a competitive 145. Hosny finally brought up his first 50 up in the 37th over despite being in since the first over. With England’s problem at 3 and this gritty, determined innings, surely a call-up would be around the corner.

Melrose opened the bowling with Loftus and Brown. There’s no finer sight in cricket than a wild eyed Brown charging in and staring down the batsmen even if a few balls did end up heading towards first slip instead of the stumps. Loftus also bowled a hostile spell with balls that had more spit and venom than a King Cobra. Both bowlers bowled with hostility and accuracy to dismantle Carlton’s top order. However, it wasn’t all smiles as Hosny and Loftus both tried to ruin each others good looks in an incident that belonged in an episode of the Chuckle Brothers. Hosny, diving to his left, accidentally diverted the ball into the face of Loftus, who falling backwards, kicked Hosny in the face. Loftus can expect a knock on the door from Calum Wilson regarding his court date. The stage was now set for King and Hosny to battle it out for top wicket taker for the season with King have a two wicket head start. Hosny started well by taking 2 early wickets to level the scores. He then dropped a catch off his own bowling to give King a reprieve. He couldn’t take advantage as Hosny then claimed two more wickets. He was on course for a 5-fer only for Owen to drop a dolly. Wilson claimed the final wicket as Melrose bowled Carlton out for 46.

This brought down the curtain on another successful season where Melrose were head and shoulders above everyone else. A massive thank you to everyone who played their part in a league winning campaign.

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