Match Report: Saturday 29th April, 2017

The 2017 senior season began with Melrose newly promoted to ESCA Division 5, playing a depleted Kirk Brae 2, having only been able to assemble 8 players to Melrose’s 11. An excellent start by Melrose openers Green and Scott took the home side to 92, with the gaps being found to great effect.

The Kirk Brae bowling was anything but poor, though, and wickets began to fall, until a key partnership between captain Hosney, and young Howard, who top scored with an excellent 46. Melrose ended the innings with an almost unassailable 196 for 9, and Kirk Brae facing an uphill battle.

But despite the early loss of Afzal to Hosney’s rapid bowling, the away side battled hard, helped in part by the Melrose captain having to go off the pitch due to a mystery allergy. Whatever the cause, Melrose kept up the pressure, despite a sterling 55 from opener Rasheed, to finish off Kirk Brae 35 runs short. A good win to start off our campaign.

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